Our services

HR Services

Applying our professional knowledge and expertise to ensure businesses follow sound employment practice.

With UK employment law changing on a regular basis smaller businesses are often overwhelmed by the complexity of the law and what is required of them to ensure they provide good employment practice within the workplace. We provide access to an experienced HR professional in quantities that businesses can afford and only for the duration they need it. Services can be flexed to suit demand without any long term commitment from the client, i.e. ‘pay-as-you-go’ or on a regular retained basis.

Workplace Mediation

Helping those in conflict to resolve their differences so that individuals and business can move on.

Conflict is a natural and normal occurrence of everyday life and can arise in the workplace at anytime. Conflict can be healthy and productive, equally it can be destructive and result in lost productivity through sickness, absence and diverted management time. Workplace mediation is a successful and cost effective alternative to dealing with Employment Tribunal Claims.

Workplace mediation involves a neutral third party guiding parties in dispute towards a resolution they both agree on. The process is confidential, voluntary and undertaken in a place that is convenient to them both. The mediation process is also ‘without prejudice’ so if resolution can’t be reached the information shared by the parties will not impact on any future workplace processes or legal proceedings.

Executive Coaching

Helping Senior Executives realise their true potential to maximise performance.

Being a leader and Senior Executive can be a lonely place. Who do you turn to for impartial advice when faced with a difficult decision, or a career changing opportunity? An Executive Coach can help you unlock the answers to those difficult situations in a process that is completely confidential, and undertaken in a place, and time, that is convenient to you.


Applying our knowledge, experience, and expertise to develop your business capability.

We do that in the following ways:

  • Business analysis and design: Working through the detail is often the difference between making something work, or abandoning it for being too difficult. Through our understanding of business architectures and process reengineering we have the tools and techniques to help you through this.
  • Programme, project, and change management: New projects don’t just happen, and your teams will still have ‘day jobs’ as business as usual prevails. Impartial and objective assistance with project work which you can flex up or down to suit your requirements giving you more control.
  • Strategy development and implementation: Turning great ideas into plans for action, making sure that your organisation has the capability to achieve its objectives. Our impartial approach will ensure you work through the issues you need to, and not just those you want to.

If you have any questions, comments, queries, about our work, our organisation, our membership, our publications, our research or simply want to know more about the latest business thinking, please do not hesitate to contact us at the details below.