Example assignments

A Business Services Company

We are working with a young, fast growing; entrepreneurial company who provide business services to major blue chip companies. It has a small nucleus of full time staff based in London and a disparate associate workforce in the US, Europe and Hong Kong. Their entrepreneurial flair means they move quickly to develop new products and services and are obsessively focussed on their clients, but a business that was once manageable through friendships and loose alliances is now impractical as they grow and take on more staff.

Working with the Managing Director we are creating a standard framework for employment contracts for all staff, harmonising terms and conditions, accounting for International differences in working legislation; advising on contracts, and managing the employment legislation issues as they grow to ensure they remain ethical, legal and honest to their corporate values. This includes coaching the MD to ensure there are no technical employment blunders and coordinating the production of HR policies.

Electrical Goods and Services

This electrical company offers a range of goods and services across the UK. With the relentless change in legislation over the past few years this small business was overwhelmed by the amount of work required to ensure legal compliance and good employment practice was achieved. With the need to issue employees with up to date contracts of employment we started working with this company to help them achieve their goal of harmonising their terms and conditions of employment and implementing standardised contracts across their workforce.

While working with this client it became clear to them that although a fulltime HR person would be cost prohibitive it would be possible to utilise the services of a virtual HR Professional. Following the implementation of the original project The Bradley Partnership were engaged to undertake transactional HR work, including disciplinary and grievance cases. Supporting the recruitment and retention of staff through the development of effective procedures and processes that will enable the right choices to be made. The development of operational procedures which underpin the core themes of people wellbeing and equal opportunities and creating the mechanisms that assess and reflect the recognition of individual contribution through appropriate job accountabilities, performance management and reward.

We now support this company with all their HR requirements.

Helping those in conflict move on

Jane and Joanne worked in the same marketing department. Jane was a methodical well organised individual who liked to deliver her work to a high standard and within the timeframe she had been given by her manager. Joanne had a different approach to her work and although never delivered work late, might work right up to the last moment to ensure she delivered on time.

Within their respective roles Jane relied on Joanne delivering certain information in a timely way. In the past both employees had worked well together and had a good relationship. Whilst waiting for information Joanne had overheard Jane complaining to colleagues that she was always being let down by Joanne’s disorganised approach to work. Their relationship started to deteriorate and they both agreed to workplace mediation.

The impartial mediator assured both parties that mediation was confidential and voluntary and held one to one sessions with them both before facilitating a joint meeting. During the sessions the mediator saw that they both wanted the same things, they wanted to to rebuild their relationship and to have a better understanding of each others work deliverables and timescales.

Having had an opportunity to rehearse what they wanted to say to each other they both realised from working with the mediator that there had been a misunderstanding between them and communication between them had broken down. Having both realised they wanted the same things they decided to meet up for lunch occasionally to discuss their feelings and any issues that concerned them. They also agreed to meet on a weekly basis to discuss work related timescales and deliverables. Over the next few weeks they began building their friendship and their working relationship.

The Church of England

We work with a diocese in the Midlands to advise the clergy on matters of recruitment (especially key appointments), selection panels, and issues including employment legislation. We produced Web content for the ‘I chaplaincy’ website (such as good interview practice), and have developed a volunteer contract for Industrial Workplace Chaplains.

A UK Retailer

A newly appointed CIO of a major retailer was experiencing difficulty in persuading his executive colleagues of the need to invest in technology for the future growth of the business. Working with the CIO, we examined a more business focussed approach thereby enabling a realistic dialogue to take place with his colleagues that got them to articulate the need and to support and sponsor the investment. The support we provided gave the individual the confidence to allow his peers to undertake a role he had traditionally expected to perform himself without the threat of feeling he had given away any influence or power.