Coaching testimonials

Brad was an enormous help to me at a point during lockdown where I was beginning to wonder what direction I should go in. As a freelancer, I have to be self-reliant and after years working in a team, with a line manager and colleagues around me, I missed the interaction and having someone to bounce ideas around with. As Brad put it, he held up a mirror to me and helped me think through decisions. As a result, he introduced the idea of my developing a portfolio of different projects and gave me the impetus to take it forward. Within a few weeks, I had the beginnings of my portfolio of long-term clients. Using techniques such as Myers Briggs reminded me of my preferences in work. I rediscovered that I really do enjoy being in a team, much as I have loved the benefits of freelancing. A portfolio of long term work with a number of clients will, I hope, suit me well.

I would recommend the concept of coaching to anyone, particularly working with Brad. He is a great listener, with just the right amount of input to push when needed. It has also been great to get the benefit of his wealth of experience in sectors different from my own”.

Sue Dean. Strategy and Business Development Consultant